At Little Graces, we pride ourselves on fresh, nutritious wholesome food, happy bellies create happy memories.

We have an onsite chef who prepares all of our meals daily. Our meals follow the healthy food guidelines and we refrain from pre-prepared or frozen foods.

Our menu is on a 4 weekly rotation and is reviewed and amended every 3 months. Parents and Educators input is invaluable and we ask for meal evaluations from educators daily and from parents monthly. This ensures we are continuing to meet our high standards and those needs and expectations of our parents.

As we know, introducing soilds can be a big transition for children and parents. We try to support this transition as best we can by asking for what you have introduced and accommodating accordingly if your child is under 1 years. We do have a separate menu for children under 1.

Any dietary requirements, allergies or preferences we certainly follow and plan accordingly.

Our onsite Chef is trained in Menu and nutrition planning as well as holding a Certificate in food safety and handling.

About Plants


Where possible, we promote the natural environment as much as we can. We are mindful in our daily practices of the importance of recycling and reusing and allow the children opportunities to be involved in understanding why and how we do this.

We are lucky enough to have some amazing natural outdoor space at Little Graces. This includes natural grass, a veggie garden, worm farm AND a hobby farm.

All ages have access to their own veggie garden to watch and assist in growing fruit and vegetables.

Our resident animals consist of: Sheep, Goats and Chickens located in an adjacent paddock with a dam that the children can get involved with.



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