Wetherill Park Child Care

Your search for an appropriate day care arrangement in Wetherill Park comes to an end when you visit our child care centre.

Our child care in Wetherill Park is a home away from home offering individual training and a unique holistic approach just as you wished it. Children need to be led devotedly and with a passion for instilling the necessary foundation for their bright future. Taking a child from potty training to forming a sentence is easier said than done. Leave it to us – the expert educators.

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Bonding with Learning Opportunities

Our dedicated staff goes at length to ensure each child is attended to affectionately to instil confidence and a higher sense of security. This goes a long way in encouraging the child to open up, mingle with others and exert their talents during play and class work. Children bond up with us easily as we incorporate family life to captivate your child’s attention right from day one. We take great measures to ensure this virtue of confidence is upheld consistently at our Wetherill Park child care centre.

Unique Personal Touch

Unlike other child care centres in Wetherill Park, we use a direct one on one approach to guide your kid that encourages individual growth. Such sessions are meant to create a bond and get to the bottom of a problem if any. Children like to feel protected, and thus we strive to act as their guardians when they are in our care. Our entire staff is well trained to give children that sense of easiness so that they can fit in without a hustle.

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Baby Care and Nutrition

The very young ones have special attendants who watch over all the time. Much attention is given to the kind of food we provide as this is part of a growth ingredient. Wholesome nutrition is observed in the meals ensuring that the kids get a balanced diet all the time. We believe happy bellies results in happy memories


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