Child Care Mount Druitt

Children are often active and fast learners in the company of others, as well as a complementing environment, plays a major role in the development of a child. At our child care near Mount Druitt, we believe in giving kids the right kind of attention that matches the one at home. We persist on living and learning as a family.

Our spacious facility is a standardised place that boasts of:

  • Competent staff
  • Great curriculum
  • Extra curriculum activities
  • Well-equipped play ground
  • A fully equipped kitchen
  • Spotless wash rooms
  • Picturesque compound and
  • Well stocked classrooms among other things
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What’s More?

We are a complete contrast to any other child care in Mount Druitt as our premise is like a home away from home. It is a fun and secure place where your kid will always feel belonging. A dedicated team comprising of trained tutors and committed staff jointly takes up the role of mentoring young minds most professionally and compassionately possible.

At our child care near Mount Druitt, we believe children experience the right growth and learning when presented with the best opportunities.

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Experiences that Encourage Learning

Educators are assigned to kids based on their specific capabilities to create acquaintance and comprehension. This way, specific children are attended to according to their nature, hence leading to a better foundation. Understanding a child well simplifies the learning process and provides an opportunity to propel the kid in the right direction. We take our time to know your child well.

Health and Nutrition

To keep your child on a steady growth curve, we provide a homely menu that caters for all the nutritional aspects of a good diet. Meals are served warm and on time by our dedicated kitchen staff. Our playtime programs will ensure the balanced diet gets to work efficiently for optimum growth and development.


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