Child Care near Erskine Park

Little Graces is located in Eastern Creek not far from Erskine Park. Caring for kids from Erskine Park. more...

Child care works wonders when left to those with the instinct of upbringing. It may come naturally or attain through rigorous coaching.

We have both attributes and pride ourselves as one of the best child care centres near Erskine Park. Our keen staff is up to the task of instilling knowledge as well as nurturing moral standards at this very early stage in a playful and secure environment. 


Unit 2 Southridge Plaza,
Southridge St
Eastern Creek 2766

02 9620 2930


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Child’s Nutrition Matters

All the young need tending to ensure steady growth.  more...

Our child care near Erskine Park
starts addressing this factor by hiring the best cooks and provide nutritious, wholesome meals at all times. Our eating areas are kept hygienic, and we provide special diets too. We pride ourselves in providing a well-balanced, fresh diet all the time.

Our Playtime Space

Amusement takes away all the worries from a child. Thus we have set up a state of the art playground complete with a mini chicken farm house. Safety measures have been taken into consideration since we want your beloved kids to be absolutely safe. There are enough playthings for the kids to sample from. This freedom is necessary for a kid’s brain and body to develop properly in day care centres near Erskine Park.

Team Polaroid

Our Hand-picked Staff

Our staff of teaching professionals gives your child training with a personal touch, hence creating a confident bond.  more...

The kids are made to feel confident and secure to express themselves freely, thus exposing individual traits that guide the tutors towards nurturing them. We are capable of doing it with a tender touch owing to our highly qualified team.

Our Unique Curriculum

The curriculum we use is approved by the regulatory authorities of all child care centres in Erskine Park,
and we create curriculums and programs that appeal to your kid’s interests and strengths. We do not segregate children with manageable disability, so don’t shy away.


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