Child Care in Blacktown

At Little Graces child care in Blacktown, we love kids and are devoted with passion when they are around us. This is why we came up with this institute that has a personal level approach to childcare. We intend to nurture these young minds into remarkable grownups in future. Love, guidance, and support are what we equally provide to every child under our care. This is enabled by:

Ample Play Area

We are a child care near Blacktown who pride ourselves in a picturesque play ground that is a place to behold as it is custom made for kids who are below six. It is equipped with well maintained:

  • Swings
  • Slides
  • Bouncing castles
  • See Saws
  • Tiny chick farmhouse and more

It’s a great way for the kids to exercise while having fun; it makes us one of the best child care in Blacktown.

About Plants

Distinguished Staff

Our tutors and subordinate staff consist of a trained team that is highly qualified and know the importance of this stage of growth. We take hands on approach to individual kids and work towards uncovering the real nature and potential of your child. This way we can form ties that only second those of the family.

Health Giving Nutrition at the Best Child Care in Blacktown

We have highly competent kitchen staffs that are well versed with the dietary requirements and its importance to the young ones. Our menu, unlike in other child care centres Blacktown is meticulously planned to attempt emulating a fresh and wholesome food plan. This ensures that kids are well fed to support good health and steady growth while creating happy memories.

Team Polaroid

Supreme Sanitation

Sanitary levels are kept at utmost by our organised janitors who have a routine of ensuring a clean environment. The compound is a place to behold as it is impeccable. We ensure that there are no hazardous items left lying carelessly. The serene locality makes our child care centre a perfect place to grow little minds.

Smart Curriculum

Our education system and services are recognised by the regulatory authorities just like any other child care in Blacktown. We strive to go a step further by instilling good morals and learning through play to your child. We spend a substantial time with your child and create opportunities for developing individuality and freedom of expression.


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