Little Graces was built on the foundation of love of family. We believe that when children feel safe, secure and loved for who they are, they thrive.

Each child brings to Little Graces a history of life experience and cultural heritage.  Partnerships between families and Our Centre are essential to the growth and development of the individual child.  We strive to create and promote these strong partnerships with families and build a sense of community that is thoughtful, warm and compassionate.

Little Graces recognises the importance of play in the learning process for young children.  Play is the basis for learning in our programs. Little Graces works to empower children, promote individuality, and develop strong partnerships with families while creating an environment that helps young children, explore, discover and be confident learners, preparing them for the next step in life.

Little Graces will strive to be consistent with these values:

Child centered. Educators facilitate each child’s development based on the child’s interests and individuality, helping learn about themselves and the world.

Community.  Little Graces is rooted in and contributes to our neighborhood to help our children understand their community.  We also focus on fostering a community amongst families as a sense of priority.

Health and well-being.  Little Graces promotes healthy lifestyles through nutritious, homemade meals and active, eco-conscious programs. Assisting children in understanding how their choices impact on their themselves and the world

Open and accepting. Little Graces is open and accepting of all children and families. Our Centre cultivates an expectation of respect: that all children, families and educators will be treated with respect and treat others the same.

Play. Play offers rich experiences in which educators nurture each child’s individual development, guiding and challenging each child to not only progress but to explore and discover a love of learning.

Partnerships with families. Little Graces is committed to working collaboratively with families to promote a child’s individuality. Our Centre is an extension of our family. We believe an environment that is reflective of families creates a sense of belonging and security.

Quality staff. Little Graces recognises the importance of quality educators in all areas, and recruits, retains and supports highly qualified and skilled educators who share the same commitment to your child as you do.

We believe in nurturing and protecting our most precious gifts – our children and our planet!